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How to transfer your helper (maid) from West Malaysia to Sarawak

Updated: 5 days ago

Are you relocating from West Malaysia to Sarawak?

Here are the steps to bring your helper to Sarawak from West Malaysia.

Step 1

Shorten the existing pass and apply for a special pass for the purposes of transfer to Sarawak with the immigration department where the pass is issued.

Step 2

Request for a letter of transfer endorsement addressed to the Sarawak Immigration Department from the relevant immigration department.

Step 3

Travel with your helper to Sarawak. Present the special pass and letter of transfer endorsement to the border immigration authorities.

Step 4

Submit a new permit application with the Sarawak immigration department for your helper. You will need an address in Sarawak. This process will take approximately 30 to 60 days. If required, you should extend your helper's special pass with the immigration department every 30 days until the new application is approved.

Step 5

Once the application is approved, visit the immigration department with your helper's passport for permit issuance.

For non-Sarawakians/ foreigners

Kindly note that for non-Sarawakian employers, for example, foreigners or West Malaysians and Sabahans, you will need to obtain an eligible immigration pass to hire a helper in Sarawak first, before you can transfer your helper to Sarawak. Check out our post on how non-Sarawakians/ foreigners may hire a domestic helper in Sarawak.

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