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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

  • How much are your fees?
    More info on our current pricing can be found here.
  • What is the salary of an Indonesian domestic helper?
    The basic salary of an Indonesian domestic helper is RM1,500 monthly. If the helper is required to work on her weekly rest day, you will have to compensate the helper an additional overtime pay of RM86.54 daily for each rest day worked.
  • Your process is legal, and you don't charge helpers. Does this mean your fees are more expensive?
    Our fees are actually comparable to the current market prices in Kuching, which ranges between RM10,000 and RM22,000. We are able to offer a competitive price because of our direct recruitment model, where we do not rely on sub recruiters to source helpers for us. Instead, helpers apply with us directly. We also offer a fully legal and compliant process and prioritise offering employers and workers a high value service.
  • Do you charge workers?
    We do not charge workers. Instead, we focus on attracting the best candidates to Sarawak and focusing on training to improve retention for employers.
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