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How much does it cost to hire an Indonesian helper (maid) in Sarawak and Malaysia (2023)?

Updated: Apr 23

Hiring a helper (maid) in Malaysia can be costly. Here are some fees to take note of.

Our agency fee (for Indonesian) -- RM16,800 (One-off)

Agencies (licensed and unlicensed) in Kuching charge anywhere between RM10,000 to RM22,000 to hire an Indonesian helper. These fees may go towards paying sub-recruiters, agencies, medical centers and insurances, passport offices, completing compulsory migration processes, visas and the helper's travel to Malaysia.

Salary Payments -- RM1,500 (monthly) with RM86.54 (daily) overtime rate

As of 2022, the monthly salary of Indonesian helpers have increased to RM1,500 monthly. Indonesian helpers are also entitled to a weekly rest day or overtime pay of RM86.54 in lieu of rest days.

Monthly allowances and living expenses -- RM300 - 400 (monthly)

As an employer of an Indonesian helper, you are her sponsor and you are required to provide accommodation, three meals a day and provide some other basic hygiene products.

Ad hoc medical or dental bills -- RM1000 - 2000 (annually)

Occasionally, you will also be required to pay for some medical or dental bills as incurred as most of these costs are not covered by insurance in Malaysia.

Permit renewal -- RM610 - 790 (annually)

You will need to renew your worker's permit annually. Each permit is issued for 12 months at a time.

1st helper: RM610 annually

2nd helper: RM790 annually

Medical examination is needed in Sarawak every odd year, and required every year once the helper has turned 45 years old.

Repatriation costs -- RM500 - RM1000 (One-off)

Under the contract, you are required to cover your helper's repatriation to their hometown in Indonesia at the end of her contract.

Total Costs to hire an Indonesian helper (maid) for 2 years


Unit cost

Payment frequency


Agency fee

RM16,800 (one-off)



Salary payment + overtime

RM1,500 - RM1848 (monthly)


RM36,000 - 44,352

​Monthly allowance and living expenses

RM300 - RM400 (monthly)


​RM7,200 - RM9,600

Ad hoc medical and dental bills

RM1,000 - RM2,000 (annually)


RM2,000 - RM4,000

Permit renewal

RM610 - RM790 (annually)


RM610 - RM790

Repatriation costs

RM500 - RM1,000 (one off)


RM500 - RM1,000

Total cost

​RM63,110 - RM76,542

In total, to hire an Indonesian helper for two years, you can expect to spend around RM63,110 to RM76,542. Interested to know how much it costs to hire a Filipino helper instead? Read this.

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