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About us

Migratesafe is a professional blue collar recruitment agency dedicated to reliable recruitment for businesses and safer migration of migrant workers. We pride ourselves on being professional, transparent and reliable. We also place local workers on a request basis and are actively servicing the manufacturing sector in Malaysia. 

Our mission & vision

Our mission is to be a trusted platform for reliable and sustainable blue collar recruitment and our vision is to enhance social mobility through access to fair and safe employment.     

Meet the team

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Elaine Sim 

Co-founder | Sales & recruitment 

Elaine challenges everything and pushes boundaries. Trained as an advocate and passionate about social impact, Elaine aims to use entrepreneurship to build winning employment relationships. Elaine is also a dog lover, avid climber, casual mountain biker and gardener.

Daniel Profile Photo.jpg

Daniel Ding 

Co-founder | Tech & operations

Daniel craves a good challenge and loves solving problems. He aims to use technology to promote transparency and reduce lead time in recruitment. Daniel is a free lance website developer, digital marketer and tech stack implementer by day, and a gym junkie by night. 

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