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Professional Visit Pass in Sarawak 2023

Updated: Apr 18

Are you an oil and gas company, construction company or manufacturing company bringing in short term contractors to complete project works in Sarawak?

With the professional visit pass, you can bring in West Malaysian temporary skilled workers or experts to Sarawak quickly and efficiently.

Which companies will require the professional visit pass?

Oil and Gas companies typically send short term contractors to Sarawak for off shore roles that may include technicians, drillers, captains, engineers, crane operators, oilers, stewards, cooks, or fitters. Some work are off shore and some are on shore, typically at the oil wells near Miri, Sarawak for companies such as Shell, Petros, Petronas or Sapura Energy. Manufacturing companies require short term contractors for installation works, such as engineers, project managers and technicians for substations or automatic conveyor belts. Many of these projects are in the Sama Laju or Sama Jaya Industrial Parks. The construction sector also brings in external engineers, crane operators and project supervisors for various road works, building construction and infrastructure construction. West Malaysian and foreign engineers have been brought in, mainly to consult on the construction of the Pan Borneo Highway.

Eligibility requirements

The company must be a Sdn Bhd with a paid up capital of RM250,000 and above if fully Malaysian owned. Ideally, the company should also have an address in Sarawak and a Sarawakian sponsor. However, if the latter is not available, then the company will need to seek a company sponsor in Sarawak. The visa applicant must be aged 27 years old or older. The basic salary for the position should be at least RM3,000 (basic salary).

Duration and processing time

The professional visit pass is issued for a duration of 6 months and is renewable for another six months. The total duration is only 12 months. If you require personnel in Sarawak for longer, the Employment Pass is more suited. It takes approximately 30 days to apply for the professional visit pass in Sarawak.

When to apply for the professional visit pass?

Once your company has obtained the Letter of Award for works in Sarawak, you may already start applying for the professional visit pass for your personnel.

Contact us for a free consultation and quotation regarding the professional visit pass, or find out more about our expatriate visa services in Sarawak here.

Our website and its contents are provided for general information purposes only and nothing on this website or in its contents is intended to provide professional advice. Please contact us at or +6082-295175 for more information.

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