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Can non-Sarawakians/ foreigners hire domestic helpers in Sarawak?

Updated: Apr 18

Hiring a live in domestic helper is a common practice in Asia. Live in helpers provide an essential service for certain care services such as elderly mobility care, companionship, childcare and infant care. Household employers also hire live in helpers as an affordable option for regular house management, meal preparations and pet care. If you're a non-Sarawakian or a foreigner living in Sarawak, you can hire a domestic helper, but it depends on what visa you are on. The qualifying visas to hire a domestic helper in Sarawak are the Employment Pass 1 and the S-MM2H visas.

Employment Pass 1 holders

As an Employment Pass 1 (EP1) visa holder in Sarawak, you can hire a domestic helper as a dependent on your EP1. This means that as long as you hold an EP1 visa, you will be able to continue sponsoring your domestic helper in Sarawak. This applies to both non-Sarawakian Malaysians and foreigners who hold the EP1 visa. You can apply for a permit for your domestic helper at the Expatriate Services Division at Level 2, Jalan Simpang Tiga Bangunan Sultan Iskandar, Sarawak, 93550 Kuching.

S-MM2H Pass holders

According to the S-MM2H official website, S-MM2H holders are eligible to hire domestic helpers. However, as of October 2023, the process of hiring a domestic helper under the S-MM2H visa is not yet available at the Visa, Pas and Permit Division's S-MM2H counter at Level 2, Jalan Simpang Tiga Bangunan Sultan Iskandar, Sarawak, 93550 Kuching. This may change in the near future so do we sure to check with the immigration department from time to time if you wish to hire a domestic helper.

Spouses of Sarawakians

As a non-Sarawakian Malaysian/ foreigner on the Spouse Programme or the Long Term Social Visit Pass, you are not eligible to hire a domestic helper. However, your spouse, who is Sarawakian is eligible to hire a domestic helper as long as your household income meets the minimum requirements.

What nationality of domestic helpers can you hire?

In Sarawak, the majority of domestic helpers are Indonesian. This is because Indonesia is the only approved source country for domestic helpers in Sarawak. However, you can still hire non-Indonesians, such as Filipino nationals, through a special approval process.

What are the requirements to hire a domestic helper?

To sponsor an Indonesian helper in Sarawak/ Malaysia, you must show proof of income of at least RM7,000 monthly. To sponsor a Filipino helper in Sarawak/ Malaysia, the proof of income requirements are RM5,000 monthly.

Can a non-Muslim employer hire a Muslim worker?

As a non-Muslim employer, you are allowed to hire a Muslim worker as long as you provide sworn statements that you will respect the religious practices of a Muslim worker living in your household. For more information on how much it costs to hire a helper, click here.

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