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Document Checklist for Labour Quota Application in Sarawak

Are you planning to hire foreign workers in Sarawak? This article may help in guiding you to prepare the necessary documents for the application.

Foreign workers are generally allowed to work in approved sectors, which are:

  1. Manufacturing

  2. Plantation

  3. Agriculture

  4. Construction

  5. Services (Restaurant, Laundry, Warehouse and other service sectors that are allowed from time to time)

This timeline is indicative only

Document Checklist for Approval Permit (AP)

A cover letter

JTKSWK. 27A Form

Business License

Business Registration Certificate

Confirmation of interview results by SOCSO / PERKESO

Borang/Form 49 dan Borang/Form 24 – in respect of a Private Limited or Limited Company

For Manufacturing - Manufacturing License issued by MITI for manufacturing sector

For Construction - Confirmation award for construction project - Certification/Registration with CIDB

For Timber - Copy of Forest Department Registration Certificate/Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC)

For Agriculture - Aquaculture Project/Livestock License from the Department of Agriculture  - Land Title from Department of Land & Survey/Copy of Government Link Company (GLC) agreement

For Plantation  - Land Title from Department of Land & Survey/MPOB License (in respect of oil palm smallholder)

For Metal/Used Items Trading - A permit issued by the Royal Police Department of Malaysia (PDRM) for trading of metals/used items and recycle items

For Spa - License issued under The Local Authorities (Reflexology and Health Establishment) By Law, 2009 by The Local Authorities concerned

For Rearing Swiftlets - License on rearing of swiftlets issued by Forest Department Sarawak/ Department of Agriculture/Local Authority

For Quarry - License for extracting of bauxite, sand or quarrying issued by Department of Land & Survey

For Water Treatment Plantation  - Factory License to process the mineral water issued by Ministry of Health Malaysia

Document Checklist for Labour License

More information can be found here.

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