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How to hire Filipino Helpers (Maids) in Sarawak? Everything you need to know

Updated: May 3

Here are things you need to know before hiring a Filipino helper in Sarawak. 

Use a licensed agency

You must hire with a licensed agency in Malaysia and a licensed agency in the Philippines. This is a compulsory requirement by the Philippines authorities and it would be difficult for you to hire a Filipino helper without the involvement of agencies.  

Register the helper's contract with the Philippines Embassy in KL 

When hiring a Filipino helper, you must sign the standard contract set by the Philippines Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) (previously known as the Philippines Overseas Employment Administration or POEA) with the helper. This contract must be verified by the Philippines Migrant Worker Office (MWO) (previously known as the Philippines Overseas Labour Office or POLO) in Kuala Lumpur. It is also compulsory to pay your Filipino helper the salary set by the POEA. Currently, the monthly salary of a Filipino helper in Malaysia is RM1800 and Filipino helpers are entitled to one rest day a week or the mandated overtime pay. 

Overseas Employment Certificate

All Filipino helpers must obtain an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) to legally leave the Philippines for employment abroad. This can be obtained by the Philippines agency for the helper. 

Calling Visa application 

You may apply for a calling visa for your Filipino helper in Sarawak. Kindly note that the process may take up to 90 days for approval. This is much longer than processing a calling visa for an Indonesian helper, which is normally 30 days. 

Restrictions for Filipino helpers in Sarawak 

The permits of Filipino helpers cannot be renewed after they turn 45 in Sarawak. Further, there is a limit of 6 years for Filipino helpers. In contrast, you may continue renewing permits for Indonesian helpers beyond 45 years old as long as the helper continues to be medically fit, and there is no limit to years of service.  Here is a brief guideline on how much you can expect to spend to hire a Filipino helper in Sarawak.

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