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Declaring overseas income to hire a domestic helper in Sarawak or Malaysia

Many Malaysians live and work abroad (such as in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, the United States, or Europe), but still have elderly parents living in Malaysia. Being far away, overseas Malaysians may choose to make care arrangements by hiring a domestic helper in Malaysia.

The Malaysian immigration department requires employers to declare their income before hiring a domestic helper in Malaysia. This is to ensure that only employers are financially capable of paying salaries to the domestic helper, and to reduce trafficking.

If you live abroad in Singpaore, Hong Kong, Australia, the United States or in Europe, it is still possible to hire a domestic helper (maid) to take care of your elderly parents in Malaysia.

Here are the income documents you will need to provide in Sarawak:

  1. Most recent 3 months salary slip

  2. Statutory declaration that overseas income is true

  3. Tax letter from tax authority in country of employment

Income threshold requirements depend on the nationality of the domestic helper you are intending to hire:

Indonesian domestic helper

Filipino domestic helper

RM7,000 monthly

RM5,000 monthly

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