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Filipino DMW/POEA
Registration Services

DMW/POEA contract verification & registration, company MWO registration & accreditation, and OEC issuance.

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Licensed by:

Jabatan Tenaga Kerja Sarawak,

JTKSWK-0027 (Labour License C)

Supported by:


License no: JTKSWK-0027


Supported by:


  Oil & Gas

✔  Engineering

✔  Manufacturing

✔  Food & Beverage

✔  Medical

✔  Spa & Wellness

✔  Technology/IT

✔  Others

Sectors we have serviced:

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Sarawak Visa services

Visit Pass

​A non-renewable pass for companies who want to hire non-Sarawakians for 6-12 months for short term projects. 

Permit duration:

6-12 months

Pass 1

A renewable work permit for non-Sarawakians who want to stay and work in Sarawak, bring dependents, and hire foreign domestic helpers.

Permit duration:

2-5 years

Pass 2

A renewable work permit for non-Sarawakians who want to stay and work in Sarawak.

Permit duration:

2-5 years

Spouse Program
Employment Pass

A renewable pass for non-Sarawakians married to Sarawakians who want to stay and work in Sarawak.

Permit duration:

1 year

Additional services

Family Visa

Family visas for non-Sarawakians

✔  Dependent Pass

  Section 66(2)

✔  Certificate of Status

✔  Long Term Social

     Visit Pass 

✔  Student Pass

Other Services

  Embassy services

✔  Passport renewal

✔  Transfer endorsement

✔  Immigration

     consultation services

Filipino DMW/POEA Registration

  Company registration

✔  Contract registration

✔  OEC application

Domestic Helper

Hire fully compliant and trained domestic helpers for households. Applicable to EP1 holders.


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We keep you updated with the latest policy changes & immigration requirements. Paired with our attention to detail and use of technology, your application is in good hands.

Professional consultation service

We'll provide you a professional consultation and offer solutions based on your company or employee's specific situation.


We'll guide you through the application process from beginning to end. We assist in explaining the visa requirements and preparing necessary documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Can the visa applicant sponsor his or her own permit in Sarawak? 

No, the visa applicant must have a company sponsor to apply for an employment pass in Sarawak/ Malaysia. 

2.    What are the requirements of the sponsoring company in Sarawak? 

In Sarawak, the company must be a company limited by shares (Sdn Bhd) with a minimum paid up capital of RM250,000, provided it is fully Malaysian owned. If the company is jointly owned by a Malaysian/ Malaysian company and a Foreigner/ Foreign company, then the paid-up capital requirements are RM350,000. If the company is fully foreign owned, the paid-up capital requirements are RM1,000,000.

3.    If the company does not operate or have a business address in Sarawak, can the company still sponsor permits in Sarawak? 

No, the company will need a business address in Sarawak to sponsor a permit. However, if the company has been engaged for works in oil and gas, manufacturing, engineering, digital transformation or other technical projects, the Sarawakian/Sarawak-based company awarding the contract may sponsor the applicants on behalf of the company that is based outside of Sarawak. 

4.    Who can apply for an employment pass or professional visit pass in Sarawak? 

Anyone who is skilled in a specific sector and earning above RM3,000 monthly in Sarawak, Malaysia may apply for an employment pass or a professional visit pass with the expatriate services division. For spouses, the salary requirement is RM3,000 monthly. There are some restricted sectors for the employment pass, such as cafes and restaurants, which will require different immigration permits. 

5. Do West Malaysians and Sabahans need an immigration pass to work in Sarawak?

Yes, all non-Sarawakians will need an employment pass or work permit to work in Sarawak. Kindly refer to Section 66(2) of the Immigration Act, pertaining to restriction on the right of entry of citizens into the State of East Malaysia. 

6. What are the levy charges for visa applicants?

There are no levy charges for West Malaysian and Sabahan permit holders. Levies will be applied to foreigners based on the immigration pass category and country of origin. 

7.    Which employment pass should you apply for in Sarawak? 

There are 3 types of employment passes in Sarawak, Malaysia.


Employment Pass I: For applicants earning above RM5,000 monthly

Employment Pass 2: For applicants earning above RM3,000 monthly

Professional Visit Pass: For applicants earning above RM3,000 monthly and working on a short-term project in Sarawak


All applicants for the Employment Pass 1 & 2 and Professional Visit Pass must be at least 27 years old to be considered (new requirement 2023).


If you are a spouse of a Sarawakian, you may apply for the Spouse Programme (Employment Pass). The salary requirement is also RM3,000 monthly. There are no minimum age requirements.

8.    How long does the process take? 

The processing time of the various passes are as follow:

  • Employment Pass I: 90 days

  • Employment Pass 2: 90 days

  • Professional Visit Pass: 30 days

  • Spouse Programme (Employment Pass): 30 days

*Provided all documentation is complete, countdown starts from the date of submission and and acceptance by the Immigration Department. 

9.    Can I be in Sarawak while my permit is being processed? 

According to the proper procedures, the visa applicant should remain outside of Sarawak until the permit is approved. If the visa applicant is already in Sarawak, then the visa applicant will need a journey performed visa from the Expatriate Services Division.

10.    Can I convert from a student pass to an employment pass without exiting Sarawak/Malaysia? 

Yes, the applicant may apply for a journey performed visa to transfer from a student visa to an employment pass. The applicant must be at least 27 years old. 

11.    What happens if my employment pass is rejected? Can I appeal? 

There is no formal appeal process, but you may write to to enquire about your application.

12.    Is the employment pass renewable?

Yes, Employment Pass 1 & 2 is renewable for up to 10 years. The Spouse Programme (Employment Pass) is renewable. The Professional Visit Pass is not renewable. 

13.    Can I apply for Permanent Residency after a number of years on the employment pass? 

No, the Employment Pass 1 & 2 does not entitle you to apply for Permanent Residency in Sarawak. Exceptions are made for spouses of Sarawakians. 

14.    Can the visa applicant bring dependents? 

The visa applicant may bring dependents (including sponsoring a foreign domestic helper on the Employment Pass 1 only. Dependents are not allowed on the Employment Pass 2 or the Professional Visit Pass. 

15.    Are there any other types visas and work permits?

To view our full updated guide for visas & work permits, you can check out the article page here.


  • All information provided is based on current immigration policies that have been communicated to us by the authorities. These policies may change so please get in touch with us to check whether the information remains accurate. 

  • The approval of all passes is subject to the discretion of authorities. 

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