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Hire a 
Domestic Helper
in Sarawak 

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Licensed by:

Supported by:

Jabatan Tenaga Kerja Sarawak,

JTKSWK-0027 (Labour License C)


Our Packages

All packages include:

  • Worker passport

  • Medical check-up in source country & Malaysia

  • Work permit (1st year only)

  • Verified employment contract (2 years)

  • PA insurance (24 months)

  • Hospitalisation insurance (12 months)

  • Travel to Sarawak

  • Stamping & documentation fees


Full Placement


pricing excludes SST

For employers who want our full recruitment and hiring service with peace of mind.

Processing time:

10-12 weeks

Training & certification

Refund & replacement policy*


Full Placement


pricing excludes SST

For employers who want our full recruitment and hiring service with peace of mind.

Processing time:

12-16 weeks

Training & certification

Refund & replacement policy*

Own helper

Found your own helper and need helper processing her visa and entry to Sarawak?

Refund policy*

Our refund policy protects you in case of an unsuccessful placement. Terms & conditions apply. 50% refund in the first 30 days, 30% refund in 31 to 60 days, and 10% refund in 61 to 90 days after the placement.

Replacement policy*

90 days replacement policy with replacement fee of RM5,500 (Indonesian) or RM7,500 (Filipino).

Hiring made easy

Finding a trustworthy helper can be difficult, but with Migratesafe, it's as simple as 1-2-3!



We'll match you with the best fit helper based on your needs.



It's FREE to interview our candidates. Get to know them via video call.



We'll take care of the rest.


Our satisfied customers are proof of our quality of service.

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Why hire with us?

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Personalised matching process

Our personalised matching process ensures that you will find the perfect helper for your household needs. We take into consideration your job requirements, personality, and preferences to ensure the best match possible. Don't settle for a helper that doesn't fit your needs!


Supported by the Sarawak Government

Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation Berhad (SDEC) awarded Migratesafe with a RM150,000 grant to sustain and grow our business. This shows that the Sarawak government recognises the importance of sustainable recruitment, and is willing to support businesses like ours to improve the foreign worker recruitment industry in Sarawak!

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Trusted by employers and helpers

With years of experience in the industry, we have built a reputation for being a trustworthy and reliable agency for both employers and helpers. We have helped countless families find their ideal helper, and our helpers trust us to find them the best job opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

How does your hiring process work?

Migratesafe does full procedural placements. That means your worker is 100% legal and registered with the Malaysian & Indonesian governments. Workers are sourced, trained, and certified before arriving in Malaysia to work.

How much are your fees?

We have 3 packages that suit your budget. Our basic package is RM12,800. Our package with training & refund policy is RM16,800. Our package with training, refund policy, & abscondment coverage is RM20,800.

What is the helper's salary?

Indonesian helper basic salary is RM1,500 per month, inclusive of 1 rest day per week. Helper's who are required to work on their rest day are entitled to OT pay of RM86.54 per rest day. Filipino helper basic salary is RM1,800 per month, inclusive of 1 rest day per week.

What happens if my helper absconds (runs away)?

We will proceed with their checkout memo, and make reports to the relevant Malaysian & Indonesian authorities so the helper is blacklisted from leaving Indonesia for work. If you are on a package with abscondment coverage, we will replace the worker with a new one if all terms & conditions are met.

What if I want to terminate my helper early?

Your employment contract can be terminated without cause by providing 30 days advanced notice to your helper. If you wish to terminate immediately, you will need to compensate the helper 1 months' worth of advanced salary.

Is your process legal?

Yes. Migratesafe is licensed with the Sarawak labour department (Jabatan Tenagakerja Sarawak) & endorsed by the Indonesian consulate of Kuching. Our processes are legal and compliant with the Malaysian and Indonesian governments.  You may view our endorsement via the official Indonesian portal for foreign worker registrations on here.

What other costs are associated with hiring a helper?

You may view an estimate breakdown from our article here.

Do you charge workers?

We do not charge workers. Instead, we focus on attracting the best candidates to Sarawak and focusing on training to improve retention for employers. 

Do I need to give my helper a rest day?

Under the new contract for Indonesian domestic helpers, helpers are entitled to one rest day per week.

If helpers are required to work on their rest days, they must be compensated for overtime pay of RM86.54 daily. The rest day can be pre-set on any day of the week as agreed between you and your helper. For consistency, we recommend setting a fixed day every week.

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