Change of Employer (Permit Transfer) in Sarawak

Updated: Nov 2

If your Indonesian domestic worker has worked for you for some time in Sarawak and you no longer require her services, it is possible to do a permit transfer so that your domestic worker may change employers.


Step 1

Identify the new employer and assess that the employers are eligible to hire a domestic worker. This may be an employer you find, or someone your worker finds. To be an employer of an Indonesian domestic worker, the household income of the new employer must be at least RM7,000 monthly. The new employer should also have a reason to hire, such as for childcare, large residence or elderly care.

Step 2

In order for your domestic worker to change employers, you will have to cancel her existing work permit before she can begin her new permit application under the new employers.

Step 3

The new employers will submit her new permit application at the Immigration Department, and her new visa will be issued on her passport.


It is not recommended for you to allow your domestic worker to work at another household while she is still sponsored by you. There are many risks associated with this, because you are still the employer on record. This means that the authorities and the worker can hold you liable if any of her terms of employment or immigration status is breached.

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